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Axia, the cloud-based wealth management solution, offers a uniquely designed presentation layer, a front-end integrating with any back-end wealth management system. The front-end environment includes an out-of-the-box dashboard with numerous panels, layouts and widgets, client onboarding, CRM and advisory tools, as well as many portfolio and document management functionalities which enable Wealth Managers to quickly and securely deploy a modern application for both their internal users and their clients that can run virtually on any computer or device using a web browser.

Axia is very flexible and can be adjusted easily to the Wealth Manager’s selection of theme, logo, dashboard panels, menus and available functions, forms and questionnaires, all resulting in enhanced user experience and business agility. Client onboarding includes client static data collection, document management, questionnaires, selection of appropriate investment strategies and creation of investment proposals. Advisory tools include comparison of any existing portfolio with its associated model and asset allocation for prospects and new clients, including alerts and push notifications. Grouping and detailed view are a click away and offer a quick overview and a drill down capability respectively, as requested by the user.

In a nutshell, Axia provides an elegant front-end application for RealtionshipManagers, taking the information and functionality of the integrated back-end system to the next level.

Axia has also been nominated by the Private Banker International Awards in the Middle East as Best Innovations in Digital Initiative - Front Office

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