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In March, the company announced its financial results for 2005, showing an increase of 90% in net profit. The interim results for 2006 show that the upward trend of the group’s figures strongly continues, demonstrating three-digit growth rates for earnings after taxes -compared to the respective interim period in 2005 – reaching 205%. The turnover for 2006 half year figures reached n7,131 million compared to n4,406 million in 2005.

Part of the company’s growth has come as the result of winning several State projects such: the OSE (Hellenic Railways), the Technical Chamber of Greece – Western Macedonia Branch, etc, which also enhanced the company’s position in the sector. Equally important was the implementation of customized systems for educational institutions, providing improved learning processes for the students of the University of Macedonia, the Technological Educational Institute-Polytechnic of Western Macedonia, the Polytechnic of Crete, etc, with the use of “Simulated Dealing Room”.

In spring, important agreements were signed with international companies for Profile Software’s systems, including the impelementation of its new SPECTRUM platform at DaimlerChrysler Bank, in Greece and Poland. A significant partnership was also achieved in May with the financial and technology company The Communication Group and more specifically with its subsidiary located in Dubai UAE, the new
centre of financial trading. With this agreement Profile Software is installing an integrated investment management and Stock Exchange feed solution namely - IMSplus, and an e-trading platform.


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