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Profile Software eNewsletter Autumn 2012

Service excellence directly linked with KYC and suitability

Wealth managers are seeking ways to develop their business, rebuild and strengthen the bond of trust with their clients while remaining up-to-date and compliant with a changing regulatory landscape (UK’s RDR and suitability requirements, Swiss regulation changes, MiFID II, FATCA etc). At the same time they are faced with the major challenge to achieve all the above cost effectively!

In this context, advanced risk profiling and provision of suitable products and services are leading wealth managers’ efforts to meet their clients’ and regulators’ demanding needs. IMSplus, Profile Software's Investment Management platform, provides flexible KYC, Compliance and Risk Control tools which can be incorporated into the Financial Institutions’ existing or newly adopted procedures. These tools effectively increase the level of client-focused risk awareness and improve monitoring of all processes. The system’s functionality includes configurable questionnaires, scoring and risk profiling tools, a compliance engine linked with the offered services and the pre- and post-trade activity. IMSplus empowers wealth managers to efficiently handle their clients’ wealth according to their mandate and investment profile, while strengthening a transparent, long-lasting and dependable relationship.

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Launching the Financing Solution

Profile Software announced the launch of the Financing solution, an enhancement of Profile Software's Universal banking platform to automate and streamline Financing operations, from the financing request and quotation to the facility maturity, including powerful debt collection and recovery procedures. The solution supports a rich set of functionalities, powered by’ sophisticated modules:

Profile Software is continuously enhancing its product portfolio to meet the increasing challenges of modern Banking Institutions. The above modules are native parts of the Universal Banking platform designed to help Financial Institutions facilitate and streamline their operations while safeguarding their investment with an easy to use and customisable solution.

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Supporting environmental and social actions

Profile Software actively supports organizations and activities that positively contribute to the society. Among others, the company has, recently, teamed up with KLIMAKA (, a non-profit organisation caring for the socially disadvantaged population, in alerting its employees of becoming more environmentally and socially conscious. Since April, Profile Software has gathered more than a tone of recyclable paper waste and as part of a multi-company initiative, organised by KLIMAKA and the Social Corporation "Klimax plus", our effort has assisted the organisation in providing food and shelter to thousands of people in need.

KLIMAKA, being a non-profit organisation seeking to shelter people facing financial and psychological challenges, through its co-operation with "Klimax plus" gather and compress paper waste for recycling purposes. This activity, apart from protecting the environment, also provides food and shelter to homeless people who get actively involved in the collection and recycling process, aiming at providing work and social rehabilitation. Profile Software is proud of establishing an environmentally-friendly mentality, which eventually provides care to the less fortunate people of our community.

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Trading real time “on-the-go”

GS Mobile Trader is the latest development on the GS Market platform (formerly known as Monopoly), the most preferred market data feed platform, which provides full order depth and Trade Order Management.

GS Mobile Trader is a new application available for smartphones and tablets, offering a unique experience to the user who wants to view and perform trading "on-the-go". The company's extensive experience guarantees a unique, easy to use product with immediate and secure access in delivering extremely fast order routing. The application's design meets all current standards for user-friendliness with buttons for easy navigation and instant analysis. Via the GS Market platform the system can feed the smartphone with reports and standardised view of end-to-day summary. This can also be used in IMSplus, Profile Software's popular Investment Management platform.

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Harvard Business Review News

Profile Software in association with the Harvard Business Review, keeps you updated with news, articles and management tips from one of the most prestigious publications worldwide. 

Please read below the most popular Management Tips:

Data Is Useless Without the Skills to Analyze It
by Jeanne Harris  
Do your employees have the skills to benefit from big data? As Tom Davenport and DJ Patil note in their October Harvard Business Review article on the rise of the data scientist, the advent of the big data era means that analyzing large, messy, unstructured data is going to increasingly form part of everyone's work. Managers and business analysts will often be called upon to conduct data-driven experiments, to interpret data, and to create innovative data-based products and services. To thrive in this world, many will require additional skills.

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