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With a turnover increase by 34%, as a result of the Group's new projects as well as the clients’ loyalty in the company’s solutions, recurring sales reached 70% of total revenue, which provides assurance in meeting this year’s targets and consistent investment of approximately 20% of its revenue in R&D, to maintain and develop cutting-edge technology solutions, supporting the constantly evolving market needs.

The turnover for Q1 2022 has increased by 90% comparing to last year, where 32% refers to organic growth and the rest to Centevo’s integration. Thus, a satisfactory growth rate for the total of the fiscal year is expected to be achieved.

Moreover, the Group continues to have significant presence in the Greek Public Sector, contributing to the digital transformation of public services and the upgrade of the citizens seamless transactions with the state.

The expectations for 2022

International expansion activities will be reinforced in 2022, while the constant investments in new products, as well as acquisitions will have an important part in the Group’s strategic approach to achieve and maintain its significant growth ratios.

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