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HR NewseNewsletter Spring 2022

Investing in talent and maintaining a working environment to develop all our colleagues is an important pillar of Profile’s culture. Keeping Starforce happy by promoting after-work activities along with successful HR initiatives has led to significantly increased performance in terms of productivity, talent acquisition and development.

Specifically, there is a 45% increase in new employees over the first half of 2022 with 88% more interviews conducted compared to 2021. This indicates strong growth in human capital, following the high growth rate of Profile Group business globally.

The impressive rates were achieved by the active participation of the HR team in Career Days and events, digital channels’ utilisation during the head-hunting process, open communication, and collaboration with highly rated and well-known Universities, as well as coaching activities for young professionals through dedicated mentoring programs. Moreover, a competitive referral program in place provided the chance to bring in new colleagues from internal sources.

At the same time, Profile consistently invests in the development of its employees through dedicated training programs, as well as well-being experiences and team-building activities to enhance skills and promote a healthy working environment.

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