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Public Adminsitration projecteNewsletter Winter 2022

Excited to successfully launch the Electronic Board “Court cases online progress module – Pilot for the Athens Court of First Instance” under the link, a large-scale Project for the Ministries of Justice and Digital Governance.

Following a public bid process, the project was assigned to the Profile Group taking into consideration its many years of experience in the recording and transcription of civil and criminal court cases of the country. The Electronic Board is the real-time online platform that updates the audience (witnesses, prosecutors, defendants, etc.) of all the court cases of the Athens Court of First Instance. The interested parties are able to get information on the status of each registered case, using specific search criteria (building number, case number, or reference code), staying up to date on which case is in progress, postponed, etc., for a specific date as well as the daily progress rate (the cases that have been completed, or about to).

This service is available to all citizens without registration or login as it uses anonymised indices and is in line with GDPR regulation. The real-time update is achieved via retrieving the relevant info from the Integrated IT platform used in Court cases based on the registration number assigned by the secretariat and is available for all browsers and mobile devices.

This process aims to avoid unnecessary crowds in the courthouse and gives users the ability to monitor each case remotely, following all safety and procedural purposes. Its objective is purely informative and any inaccuracy does not bear any legal consequence.

Consequently, the specific project is fully based on Profile’s know-how and experience in delivering large-scale projects for the Greek Public Sector with real benefits to the citizens whilst improving internal processes.

The Group is planning to participate in a range of similar scale projects for the Public sector that fit its knowledge and experience to deliver digital transformation.

(Case study in Greek language.)

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