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Digital Bnaking experience

Infolettre Automne 2021

Nowadays, banking is fully digital, covering more than what was available via the traditional bank channels, going beyond phone banking and e-Banking. Digital banking is also essential to banks as a function to not only retain existing customers and offer them the service they need but to also gain new clients via competitive and differentiated service offerings. Therefore, it is becoming widely accepted that banking has gone branchless, especially with the increasing number of neo and digital-only banks across the world.

Digital Banking empowers banks to innovate and grow at the same time.

In the digital space, customers have access to a plethora of new services not available at a branch level or phone banking and are able to select and complete what is needed remotely, safely and easily. Services, that in the past required the physical presence in a branch, consuming valuable time and resources from both the customer and the bank, have now become available online for a fast-track service, therefore, branch officers can focus on other products and services to deliver to the customers that can potentially bring more value to the organisation.

Finuevo enables you to focus on what matters the most for your customers.

Finuevo is the Mobile-First, Cloud-Native Digital Banking Platform empowering financial institutions of any size to achieve digital transformation, onboard customers and offer a superior experience. At the same time, Finuevo provides the agility to enable users to enjoy seamless and streamlined operations, as well as take advantage of innovative omni-channel capabilities.

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