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eNewsletter Summer 2021

Profile invests in its people. Our Human Capital plays a key role in meeting our global business demands. We know that people development leads to successful firms and makes people more energetic to contribute to the bigger goal. With the Buddy Program having started the previous quarter, Profile continues to invest in building the experience and commitment of its Starforce. This has developed well, creating bonding and a dedicated team that can generate ideas and offers a new working approach to the firm to go to the next level of performance. Throughout its international offices, employees are given the opportunity to learn and grow through training programs, whilst progressing with their academic studies, if they wish to.

Given the status of the pandemic measures, with great caution and responsibility, the HR Team is planning an outdoor bonding exercise to bring together disperse colleagues and further enhance the relationship between people, across offices, especially following the pandemic.

On recruitment and talent acquisition news, Profile’s Human Resources team participated in the latest ICT Career days 2021, hosted by the University of Piraeus Career Office for the 2nd consecutive year, and met with graduates and post-graduate students of the Computer Science and Digital Systems departments. HR also supported the ‘2021 DevelopersDay’ as Silver Sponsors, the largest event in Greece for Developers and Software Engineers, meeting and discussing with tech experts, whilst joining forces with the WeCareForYOUth initiative by ReGeneration as Assessors to attract more candidates.

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