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eNewsletter Summer 2021

Centevo’s solutions got enhanced and news update has been circulated to our customers. With Profile’s support more investments and offerings are planned to take place in the Scandinavian technology firm, with the objective to bring value to our clients. The latest enhancements include an enriched version of Centevo Suite incorporating an End-Client solution and a Buy-side trading integration.

In particular, the Centevo End Client solution delivers a powerful web-based application that offers a clear overview of end clients’ investments. It is a secure channel to send and receive encrypted communication and a straightforward platform for fund trading. End-customers benefit from a range of new characteristics, including Position Overview (Holding Overview), comparative reporting, and a powerful fund trading platform.

Centevo’s Cairo platform now offers the option to place orders to the exchanges via brokers using the standardised FIX protocol. Integrations with broker networks are available such as Bloomberg or directly to a broker providing FIX connectivity. The additional functionality means that orders for stocks and ETFs can be initiated directly in the system eliminating manual steps whilst increasing STP automation. Furthermore, fills received automatically with the trade time and executing venue to be integrated with transaction cost analysis systems such as Bloomberg BTCA thus meeting MiFID II requirements for Best Execution.

The BPO services are continuously being enriched to deliver the best available service to its users. Visit the website below to read more and stay tuned for the upcoming changes!

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