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Profile Vote: New Digital Voting PlatformeNewsletter Winter 2021

‘Profile Vote’ is the new digital channel for online voting applicable to shareholders for General Meetings, as well as any type of remote voting. Utilising modern and trusted technologies, users can view the results on one screen, in real-time. The platform fully accommodates the new directive SRD II and Covid-19 consequences for remote communication.

Profile Vote is a pioneering system that comprehensively supports voting across various disciplines. In a forward-looking interface, the user experiences unique flexibility and freedom to select, monitor and view shareholders, proxy representatives, members and votes on one screen, thus selecting the options that best meet the business objectives with ease. The voting is performed through an online portal offering instant voting results whilst users can take advantage of the enhanced automation which enables proxy voting or ‘bulk’ voting.

The platform has been market-tested in a demanding General Meeting offering fast and accurate results recognised as exceptional due to its performance and service delivered.  It is a highly flexible online voting system that offers reliability and security to back-office users as well as end-users.

Profile Vote offers a ‘disruptive’ market approach by using cloud cutting edge technologies incorporating the expertise and experience of a multi-skilled engineering team, that of Profile Registry, a widely used shareholders management platform in the Greek market offering unique and wide functionality to the IR department.

With a focus on delivering reliable and secure performance of remote and online voting, Profile Vote is the ideal tool for General Meetings and all voting needs from a proven provider. The system has been designed to address the requirements of both listed and non-listed firms thus comprehensively accommodating the whole range of online voting requirements of firms and participants, offering fast and accurate results at all times.

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