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eNewsletter Winter 2020

This year, Profile celebrates 30 years in the business of developing pioneering software solutions, that deliver digital transformation and effectively support mission-critical and large-scale projects. With an inherent commitment and passion for innovation, Profile designs solutions that add value to professionals’ daily tasks in the financial services and business industries for both private and public sector firms. Over the past decades the company pioneered by introducing and implementing Banking platforms in challenger banks, marketplace lending firms, offering unique flexibility and banking robustness, while it also introduced mobile wealth management and cloud-ready investment management systems for the industry. Profile has also developed solutions to meet the evolving needs of digitalisation, automation and enhanced productivity in organisations across industries.

Today, all platforms are cloud-ready and cloud-native, offering a ready-to-use system in the new era. Profile’s solutions range from Family Office, Asset Management to Banking, Risk and Treasury Management covering the full spectrum of a bank’s daily operations.

Profile has also grown in numbers with more offices in key financial centers, a significant increase in its workforce and client base worldwide. As a listed firm the performance over the past years, added to the share price value, demonstrating a remarkable increase y-o-y with new international investors.

The company and the management team would like to thank everyone for contributing to its success including its employees, its customers, its shareholders and of course all partners!

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