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FinTech in TreasuryInfolettre Été 2018 

The rising challenges of FinTech trends, the global rise in financial regulation and international expansion of financial operations are driving the Treasury departments of banks to remodel and integrate their activities. This shift is mostly affecting the areas of automation and straight-through-processing (STP) in front-to-back office operations, the tools to facilitate regulatory compliance and real-time access to the system anytime and from anywhere, for both professional users and clients, demanding powerful dashboards and insightful data visualisations.

Delivery models and connectivity options are also changing radically, offering Treasury Management Systems (TMS) as SaaS (Software as a Service) and connectivity through managed APIs. Moving to the FinTech era, the Treasury departments would therefore need to re-evaluate their operational models.

So what would banks need to consider when selecting a treasury system?

To successfully address these challenges, Treasury departments need to deploy a fully web-based, integrated TMS that provides powerful tools for operational efficiency, control and regulatory compliance, while allowing them to focus on their business and strategic objectives, and not merely on IT infrastructure and relevant systems’ operations. A seamless integration with the core banking system and other bank’s systems offers a single point of access to the users, while eliminating errors and reducing operational costs in an automated, real-time, STP manner. This robust integrated solution in turn delivers targeted and relevant analyses enabling Treasurers to make timely and informed decisions.

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