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Treasury Systems Infolettre Automne 2017

The modern treasurer lives in a connected world, having to deal with real-time market information, make immediate decisions and manage a large number of banks, subsidiaries and providers. Yet, many treasury platforms may still be lacking the ability to provide collaborative instantaneous work due to limited features, or to secure and centralise all financial data and flows, because of outdated technologies and slow evolution.

Should you wish to move to the next level of treasury management, when selecting a new Treasury Management System (TMS), you can consider the following:

1. It is an excellent opportunity for a treasury department review: Commencing a TMS project allows the firm to reassess current processes….[download the full article]

The decision of whether to invest in a new TMS is the outcome of many parameters, but there are a few that are important: the top two reasons are cost and integration. It seems that in 3-5 years’ time the systems will be automated and instant reporting will be needed. The cost of a missed interest payment of a loan for example that could have been avoided with an early investment, could be the reason to justify the purchase at a cost-benefit analysis. As described in the recent article “FIs need to ensure they are using a flexible solution that can adapt at the same pace — efficiently and securely — so that they can continue to monitor their activities and risk without slowing down innovation [and] to keep a competitive edge.”

Acumennet - the leading comprehensive treasury management solution - has been enhanced with powerful Front-to-Back Office capabilities, with the latet including SWIFT automatically generated messages that eliminate double inputs and thus increase productivity, as well as advanced Reporting functionalities, allowing fully customisable reports…Read the full Press Release here.

More information on the system is available in the link below.

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