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UTS TicketLink for Ferries is suitable for passenger shipping operators:

  • Extremely flexible and modular back-to-front system
  • Unlimited number of seat/cabin, vehicle, ticket and booking types
  • Completely customised management of every point of sale (internal/external sales channels, including GDS/CRS systems)
  • Restricted or unrestricted pricelists, fine-tuned multi-level capacity inventory
  • Interface with leading ERPs and business intelligence suites for ultimate reporting/analyses
  • Links with industry-leading yield management tools

UTS TicketLink for Ferries is aiming at maximising revenue across all channels while minimising total administrative cost.

UTS TicketLink for Railways is addressing the needs of railway operators:

  • Intelligent management subsystem of itineraries
  • Advanced pricelist subsystem with revenue management options
  • Support for robust loyalty schemes

UTS TickeLink for Railways offers unparalleled flexibility and improved customer service.

UTS TicketLink for Buses applies to bus and coach operators:

  • Manages ticketing requirements for any type of coaches, local and long-distance
  • Provides unique booking and ticket issuance capabilities
  • Links with fleet and “intelligent stops” management applications
  • Supports handheld devices for in-vehicle ticket issuance, as well as, remote kiosks

Making it Yours:

  • We truly believe that every reservation sector has unique requirements.
  • Profile Software can customise UTS TicketLink to make it as if it was originally designed and developed solely for you.
  • At Profile Software, we understand that mission-critical software is all about giving you this competitive edge.

No two operators are alike, even if they are competing in the same space. thus it is practically impossible to have "one-system-that-fits-all" and expect it to be able to competitively serve their unique needs. 

We can cater for these unique needs.