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The Profile Software Group has 30 years of experience in developing innovative and forward-looking software platforms
that successfully address the requirements of financial services firms and the wider enterprise industry.

It is with great excitement that the company announced the establishment of a purely development-focused company,
by the brand name Profile Technologies SA.

The new company is giving emphasis on designing and developing software solutions for
key industries utilising modern technologies and anticipating market trends.

Our mission is to become the fastest-growing development center in SE Europe,
a meeting point for innovation and modern technologies, fostering digital transformation.


Profile Technologies SA has been established to accelerate digital
transformation in the country, focusing on the development
of state of the art software for the needs of financial services
and corporates in both the private and public sector:

• Artificial Intelligence (AI),
• Machine Learning (ML),
• Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
• Blockchain, as well as
• Augmented Reality

Thessaloniki | A Technology Center

Thessaloniki is a city that is becoming home to digital innovation , where new ideas are nurtured and flourish in a supportive and growing eco-system.

The city welcomes the technologies of tomorrow and is the ideal place in southern Europe to research, innovate, invest and pioneer;
A destination where ideas merge to create growth and prosperity with an open horizon and opportunities for investment,
with highly qualified human resources, renowned universities and investors from around the world.

The city features a vibrant eosystem of young people with an extensive scientific academic background and research community based on the advancements of new technology.


Profile Technologies SA intends to hire skilled and experienced professionals from Northern Greece, academic and research community based on the advancements of new technology.


New Product Launch

The Profile Software Group faithful to its business objectives has already created a new client portal (PTP) for users so as to enable them experience a forward looking, easy to use interface offering a brand new layout for the Investment Management and Banking Industry. The client portal utilises modern features to allow users select themes, drag and drop and offer a unique client experience that elevates the firms branding.

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The Profile Software Group is looking to develop around self-motivated, professional and expert people. It continuously
focuses on providing a challenging, empowering and stimulating working environment, with teamwork values.

Profile’s clients rely on the company’s ability to constantly be on the cutting edge of software technology
for the financial industry and its success is dependent on its employees.
Profile also offers extensive training programmes, which aim to efficiently translate
general knowledge into professional skills.

Exciting Career Opportunities!

The company is hiring new experts with experience in modern technologies
for Investment Management and Banking software solutions. Contact us now!


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