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Software solutions combining Client Management operations with risk analysis metrics, along with a powerful workflow, provide end-to-end functionality that streamlines processes and saves significant time.

The Personal Banking solution supports investment services to retail and affluent clientele. It complements any core system while effectively supporting a multi-channel service. The Personal Banking software's flexibility ensures fast time-to-market of new products and services, a key element of securing a competitive advantage.

Key Features

  • Full Front-to-Back functionality coverage, multi-currency and multi-type product support
  • 360° view, sophisticated client profiling and segmentation tools with parametric pricing policies definition
  • Advisory and financial planning tools with proposal generation, history tracking and simulations
  • Automated order management based on workflows for local and global markets
  • Seamless compliance checks against the set client profile and proactive controls in accordance with directives
  • Activities tracking e.g. records of conversation, correspondence, client directives and decisions for compliance purposes
  • Extensive and customisable client and management reporting
  • Online performance monitoring with ability to breakdown on asset class, sectors, region, instruments etc
  • Integration with core systems and unlimited connectivity capabilities using standard protocols (e.g. FIX) or other proprietary APIs
  • 24/7 access to all client data utilising the web and mobile tools


  • Flexibility to respond to the requirements of different markets and countries
  • Improved productivity and operational efficiency through streamlined processes
  • Risk aversion, accommodating regulatory concerns
  • Comprehensive decision making and client support
  • Increased client engagement and experience through personalised and innovative services
  • Optimised profitability margins

Why choose the Personal Banking solution by Profile Software?

The solution's high scalability and rich functionality enables institutions to instantly adapt to business requirements for new products and services, optimising their operations whenever necessary.

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