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Crowdfunding platforms are becoming the new online marketplace lending to deliver innovative services to a new type of customers. Profile was the pioneer that developed Marketplace Lending software and Crowdfunding solutions that guarantee these FinTech firms will deploy solutions that grow with them whilst delivering the flexibility and robustness needed in the industry. The solution’s core engine is a blend of Investment Management and Banking modules, reflecting the company’s proven experience in both domains.

The Crowdfunding software (Marketplace Lending, P2P Lending software) enables businesses to manage and monitor their processes through a modern, comprehensive and user-friendly environment for both business users and their customers. It includes a powerful workflow engine to automate the lending and borrowing process and provide risk management metrics while incorporating flexible investment features for both primary and secondary market operations.

Key Features

  • Investors & Borrowers Toolkit. A flexible and powerful set of functions is available to manage both Investors' and Borrowers' specific operations
  • Counterparties profiling and evaluation of Borrower/Investor relationship information
  • Credit Line & Collateral Management
  • Credit Origination
  • Product Factory module for fast and easy creation of targeted products
  • Loan & Investment Management
  • Risk Management with sophisticated credit scoring and automatic calculation of provision pool


  • Streamlines the investment and borrowing processes, helping platforms improve customer relationships
  • Ensures compliance by enabling rapid adaptation to internal policies and compliance rules, incorporating a high degree of automation
  • Provides the flexibility and robustness that businesses require due to its modular structure
  • Personalised service through the white-labelled front-end
  • User-friendly and highly automated processes
  • Operations are safeguarded by reliable checks and monitoring
  • Easy integration with 3rd party systems

 Why choose the Crowdfunding solution by Profile Software?

The solution has a modular structure allowing the progressive enhancement of functionality as the business grows. It allows integration with any accounting and/or regulatory reporting application, and so is a complete end-to-end solution. It incorporates innovative technology targeted for the needs of FinTech firms through market-tested marketplace loan solutions, p2p lending app, p2p loan software that is easy to use.

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