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The payments platform is the ideal choice for Banks of any size, volume and sophistication, offering cost-effective and secure operations. It facilitates domestic and international payments, automates and monitors the full cycle of transactions and efficiently ensures compliance to the business workflows.

It supports multiple channels including users, payment schemes and interbank networks through a complete, cost-effective and secure approach for payment transaction processing.

Key Features

  • Consolidation of legacy payment operation silos into a common shared payments service that is globally deployed yet locally controlled
  • Credit Transfers: incoming and outgoing, SEPA and non-SEPA, customer and interbank payments in all currencies and destination countries
  • Mass Payment Application supports the full transaction life cycle from transaction capture and value dating to mandate management, bulk debit and credit accounting and customer batch reporting.
  • Direct Debits: incoming and outgoing collections under the SEPA Direct Debit Schemes (CORE & B2B)
  • Corporate Payments: implementation of the Customer-to-Bank Interface under the SEPA guidelines
  • Real-time/Instant Payments: incoming and outgoing payments under the FPS and SEPA Instant Credit Transfer
  • Functionality available and APIs library support Request to Pay (RTP) schemes and Accounts to eWallets inflows/outflows
  • AI-based algorithms and tokenisation features support advance payment methods
  • Full support of PSD2 directive and Open Banking requirements through a layer of public API calls.


  • Standardise payments processes
  • Reduce transactional and operational costs
  • Create value-added payment services to clients
  • Complete Payment life cycle trace (audit trail)
  • Customisable with payment hub through user-defined business rules
  • On the corporate level: Improved overall customer retention and business competitiveness through the creation of client-specific policies and new products
  • On the financial level: ROI maximisation with easy adoption of new trends and technologies in payments, resource optimisation and lower overall costs
  • Customer Satisfaction & Operational Resilience: Supports various channels and rules

 Why choose the Payments solution by Profile Software?

Capitalising on years of experience implementing and delivering related projects in major Banks, as well as investing heavily in its own product development, Profile Software can provide the technical and business expertise needed in payments, alongside modern technologies such as a cloud deployment. 

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