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Oracle is the world’s largest business software company, with $23.3 bil. revenues (May 31st, 2009), 85,000 employees, more than 345,000 customers, 280,000 database customers, 90,000 middleware customers, 65,000 applications customers, 21,000 partners and presence in 145 countries. With a $3b. investment in R&D, 21,000 developers and another 5m. developers in online communities, Oracle provides more than 3,000 products and 2,000 patents, Oracle is the #1 supplier of relational databases, middleware, Human Capital, Customer Relationships and Enterprise Performance Management applications and the #1 solutions provider for the Public, Financial Services, Banking, Communications, Retail, Life Sciences and Professional Services sectors globally.

Profile Software partners with Oracle to support, implement and promote ERP, Business Intelligence, Data Cleansing solutions (including Asset Management, HR Capital, ERP solutions etc) via a team of professionals with vast experience in large-scale projects. The solutions provided cover the whole spectrum of business needs of an organisation offering utmost coherence, in achieving  the desired results.

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