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Finclude offers financial wellbeing services that empower EU citizens fair access to credit and expand the consumer credit markets for financial institutions.

The scoring service is based on analyzing the individuals financial & transactional behavior in all financial institutions they collaborate with, throughout European Union.

The company has direct connections to Europe’s largest banks, through which aggregates and interprets transactional data for better credit decisions. Finclude goes beyond traditional credit scoring, providing a comprehensive view of a customer’s creditworthiness, affordability and financial behavior. They transform vast volumes of complex information into an easy-to-use, digital-first tool to help everyone make better financial and credit decisions.

Their platform is secure, fully automated and with privacy at heart.

Profile Software is partnerning with Finclude to deliver a holistic approach to its clients’ needs across Europe, while Finclude will be able to offer its clients top of the line solutions and services. 

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