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Profile, an international solutions provider, announced today the release of its quarterly eNewsletter (Winter 2022) Edition, which includes the company’s latest news.

The "eNewsletter Winter 2022" edition presents the company’s exciting new projects and collaborations in both the Private and Public Sectors. Profile constantly focuses on developing innovative solutions towards the digitalisation of the banking sector globally and a brand new One-Stop-shop Banking Suite that incorporates Digital and Core banking, under the name of Finuevo Suite, will soon be launched covering all the demanding requirements of a modern bank, Front-to-Back. Stay tuned!

The new Treasury platform has been evolved and enhanced to facilitate the specific needs of Central Banks’ Treasury Departments.

Centevo’s brand identity has been refreshed, followed by a brand-new website and materials to download, giving a broader image of the features and endless capabilities of the pioneering Centevo Suite and supporting the active presence of Profile in the Nordics.

Profile pursues excellence in all its functions and activities and thus its market value has been constantly on the rise. Alpha Finance expects even better results in the years to come, vouching for the company’s bright future.

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