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Profile Software, an international financial solutions provider, announced today the new release of Axia Custody the advanced automated custody platform that delivers streamlined operations, globally. The platform has been significantly upgraded to advance the Custody process offering competitive features to users, through automation.

In particular, Axia Custody supports post-trade processing for Global Custodian, Sub-Custodian, Agents and Mutual Fund Custodian delivering fully (STP) automated, 4-way matching and settlements ensuring improved communication among Market, Local Brokers, International Brokers, International Broker Agents, Sub-Custodians, and Clients. It is worth noting that the system has a 2-Way SWIFT (SMPG standards) messaging whilst covering SWIFT-based automated corporate actions with more than 70 CA events and making available automatic initiation through custodian incoming SWIFT thus avoiding user intervention.

Capitalising on international know-how, Axia Custody accelerates the communication by also supporting 2-Way Allegement functionality. In addition, flexible billing and fee policies are available while utilising the solution’s new characteristics, where the users can streamline their processes and automate the matching and settlement regardless of the country of operations, as it supports local and cross border markets and covers holding break ups for multi-depositories, multi-currency, and multi entity accounts.

Axia Custody delivers complete digital, web-based capabilities as well as configurable workflows, customisable dashboards and reports (scheduled and ad-hoc), for a competitive omni-channel experience. Clients can easily access and navigate the themeable and easy to customise portal, that adheres to the organisation’s branding, delivering a unique experience.

Furthermore, the firm’s clients can modify and access their account’s positions directly, get reports and place settlement instructions through an intuitive user interface that offers numerous widgets, multiple input options (SWIFT, Excel/File, etc.), secure messaging and easy to navigate screens. The Solution integrates with market data providers’ platforms (Bloomberg, Refinitiv, etc.) and with any core banking platform via its open architecture and standard APIs.

Axia Custody is being enriched to offer advanced functionality for multi-custodian operations across borders for a competitive multi-channel international level client experience.

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