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Profile Software, an international, award-winning financial solutions provider, announced today that Leasing solution has been enriched to accommodate an advanced level of functional features to streamline the leasing process. It provides organisations with robust tools to monitor all types of leasing operations, while focusing on corporate risk management, rapid adaptation to market needs and the development of effective distribution network at low Cost of Ownership. Leasing, based on the robust functionality of the banking platform, delivers an international, reliable system to effectively manage all leasing operations throughout the whole lifetime of facilities. In particular, the Leasing Management module ensures end to end automation from the Origination, through the activation of Lease and up to the Debt Collection and Recovery operations. Activities are constantly logged and account statements are produced accurately via real-time posting of accounting movements. It provides automatic debt settlement through numerous repayment channels and automatically assigns and prioritises user tasks according to the defined policy.

The solution also delivers a customer centric approach with product factory capability to rapidly create new products. It accommodates powerful contracts management, enhanced partners network and full purchase order control to enable correct valuation prior to leasing. Additionally, Leasing supports comprehensive fixed assets management, invoicing and receivables, payments, credit lines and unique reporting capabilities with full security and authorisation. It offers real-time accounting entries generation and monitoring that enables integration with multiple ERP solutions through a number of preconfigured gateways.

Users experience fully streamlined processes, along with powerful reporting, through an easy to use interface to improve productivity and operational efficiency in delivering fast and accurate customer services. As part of the Release 3, the Leasing solution is now available in the Azure cloud, providing a cost effective, rapidly deployed solution with advanced operational and functional features, offering 24/7 access over a proven and secure infrastructure. Leasing, built on the market proven banking platform with numerous international implementations, capitalises on Profile’s team experience to empower firms accelerate their leasing process with the flexibility to customise and personalise the service as they grow, while accommodating specific company and country requirements to meet evolving business and regulatory needs.

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