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Wednesday, 26 May 2021 | By Kate Tsoura, Chief Marketing Officer at Profile Software


The Private Banking and Wealth Management industries have experienced a turbulent year. At the same time, with a new group of people looking to leverage their assets in investments—many of them for the first time—there has been a growing need for professional financial advice.

According to Accenture’s recent survey, C-level executives in Wealth Management affirmed they want to focus on responsible leadership and strategy, differentiated client experience, intelligent operations and technology, and empower talent and change, by 2025. 40% admit that nurturing a strong culture for change and embracing new ways of working are challenges.

In this survey, participants are expecting the following trends to affect the Wealth Management Industry thus making their business more dynamic and offering greater value to their customers:

WealthTech as the accelerator for optimised customer engagement

According to Finextra, prior to the pandemic, the wealth management sector was facing multiple challenges, arising from digital disruption, evolving customer segments, and shifting competitive dynamics. The pandemic has merely acted as a reminder for the industry to revisit its priorities, to appropriately tackle these challenges, and it has been successful in doing so, by accelerating the adoption of technology for WealthTech.

Over the past year, client communication has been affected, however, with technology being a pivotal element to rejuvenation, peoples’ interaction is expected to change, forming a blend of remote and face-to-face, using a range of digital platforms and tools.

Personalisation is becoming a key priority for data management despite the paradox that might this create due to compliance issues for security and privacy. Technology can easily address these concerns...

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