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Thursday, 26 October 2017| By: Marc Beaulande, Executive Director at Login SA, a member of Profile Software Group

The modern treasurer lives in a connected world, having to deal with real-time market information, make immediate decisions and manage a large number of banks, subsidiaries and providers. Yet, many treasury platforms may still lacking the ability to provide collaborative instantaneous work due to limited features, or to secure and centralise all financial data and flows, because of outdated technologies and slow evolution.

The decision of whether to invest in a new TMS or not is the outcome of many parameters, but the top two that must be evaluated are cost and integration.

Imagine the cost that a missed payment- such as an interest payment on a loan - would bear to the firm which could have been avoided with a more efficient system in place. This could be enough to cover the cost of the TMS. The investment may save a lot of time, cost and resources in the long run i.e. in three to five years’ time, when most systems will be automated and instant reporting will be a must. As a result, investing in the right TMS system is undoubtedly the wise decision to make when expansion and efficiency across operations is what is needed!

* This article was published on (26.10.17)


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