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Key Features

24/7 access to portfolio valuations and asset allocation analysis, account history and performance

Graphic dashboards and analysis reports highlighting basic exposure factors, e.g. Asset Class, Currency, Country, Region, etc.

Intuitive user interface for performance display and comparisons with benchmarks for any user-defined period

Investment strategy monitoring and compliance with the actual portfolio’s asset allocation

Export of every report to multiple data formats, e.g. PDF, XLS, CSV

Notification support and document download section for client statements, advice or marketing material

Trading section with online order routing capability and monitoring of the trade life-cycle

Available as a tool for internal users or as a portal for end clients to access their financial information

Compliant with the highest security standards in web application development


Provides compelling client service with greater convenience and flexibility

Boosts productivity by automating key portfolio management tasks

Personalises service per client segment while improving cost-to-income ratio

Enables your client-facing staff to focus on building more effective client relationships

Improves transparency levels and reinforce clients’ trust

Why IMSplus Web?

IMSplus Web enables Investment Management professionals and investors to have unrestricted access to appropriately authorised data and documents, whenever and wherever needed, provided there is an internet connection.