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Key Features

  • Real-time portfolio evaluation
  • Cash & Margin portfolio support
  • Order routing and automatic cash and position updates
  • Aggregate monitoring of all types of orders for fast and easy trading
  • Users’ rights administration:
    • Insert/delete user update
    •  Rights per user (Trade/View All, Credit/Order Limit, Internet Access, Admin Rights etc.)
    • Assign Profit Centers - Portfolios
  • Rights per portfolio (trade, view)
  • Alerts & push notifications
  • Order placement:
    • Real-time buying power calculation according to different stock weights and dissemination
    • Placed orders are highlighted on the full order book
    • Multiple order cancellation option
    • Order placement on the ‘draft’ book and transfer to the ETS
  • Multiple commission scheme per portfolio
  • Portfolio transactions
  • Back-office independence


  • Ease of use with a user-friendly design and instant updates
  • Single point activity reporting for orders and trades
  • Fast and optimised order entry with multiple shortcuts and validity checks
  • Personalisation for professional investors (Brokers, RMs etc.)
  • Data transmission and communication security
  • Value for money and cost efficiency through its ability to connect to any 3rd-party system (back office, data feed or news provider)

Why GS Trader?

The GS Trader solution can operate as a primary order routing system or in parallel with other systems due to its ability to handle orders routed by 3rd party applications. The system’s open architecture allows connections to back-office systems that offer APIs or access to their databases, enabling complete management of profit centres, commission calculations, multi-market support for order routing and front-to-back compliance checks.

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