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The Family Office software provides investment officers with comprehensive functionality to professionally manage and monitor invested financial assets, either in-house or externally managed. Its specialised modules and rich parameterisation features enable the delivery of tailor-made solutions, covering specific business and reporting requirements related to the Investment Management operations of a family office.

Key Features

  • Web-Based, Omni channel capabilities to monitor all assets effectively
  • Flexible portfolio, accounts and counterparty structure definition
  • Easy consolidation of accounts and multi-level analysis features
  • Global product coverage providing tools for Real estate and Private Equities management
  • Close monitoring of compliance with fully customisable investment strategies and guidelines for externally managed accounts
  • Enhanced performance measurement with contribution and attribution analysis
  • Multi-dimensional risk exposure analysis and metrics
  • Fee calculation and reconciliation with charges made by external counterparties
  • Instant cash flow analysis, e.g. coupons, maturities, dividends etc.
  • Flexible reporting services providing a user-friendly report generator tool with graphical features
  • Numerous readily available interfaces minimising manual data inputs
  • On-the-go access via omni channel capabilities


  • Effective management of investments with minimum effort
  • Close monitoring of outsourced asset management operations
  • Streamlined internal asset management processes
  • Minimised costs and mitigation of risks
  • Ensured improved productivity
  • Flexibility and on-time in reporting generation and analysis

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Why choose the Family Office solution by Profile Software?

The family office system has been selected by numerous respective organisation world-wide because of its rich and specialised functionality to help them manage their assets and effectively meet the executives’ requirements to generate additional wealth with limited risk.

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