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eNewsletter Winter 2017

The dominance of FinTech revolution is bringing substantial opportunities of business growth across all players of the sector. 

According to PwC Global FinTech report among the areas facing the highest disruption are consumer banking, fund transfer and payments industry.  The accelerated pace of financial technologies deployment in consumer and commercial banking sector boosts the use of collaborative models such as the Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P). Client experience led to innovation in lending and crowdfunding that support more efficient, automated and lower cost processes, while sophisticated data analytics allow better risk analysis, regulatory compliance and transparency.

Furthermore, according to PwC findings, FinTech is creating an enormous disruption to the level of customer experience, since it boosts flexible and personalised solutions that reduce cost, time, errors and improve productivity. The FinTech opportunity is geared to enhance performance and growth. Yet, how financial firms will respond to the new approach may be the key differentiator as to which will maintain strong and competitive in the marketplace.

Profile Software develops fintech solutions that provide the innovative approach to the financial services sector, safeguarding the business, analysing and reporting on data while delivering client-centric and reliable offering that fully meets the evolving needs of the banking, investment management and alternative finance institutions. P2P Lending is the company’s pioneering alternative finance platform that combines banking and investment management capabilities as well as risk management. Through its modular, flexible and user-friendly environment it enables businesses to automate and streamline their lending and borrowing process, as well as to enchase their customer experience.

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