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eNewsletter Winter 2017 Alternative Finance, the advanced financing platform, is enhanced to offer “Auto-investing” capabilities to further support the marketplace lending processes. It utilises’s core functionality addressing the needs of Lenders and Borrowers in a single and integrated environment. Capitalising on the company’s market-proven experience in the investment and banking industry, it delivers a fintech approach to modern challenges covering the full range of digital banking, crowdfunding, p2p lending, etc.

In particular, the auto-investing functionality automates the funding process matching the investment profile and preference of the Lender/Investor with existing opportunities, this way reducing time and effort needed to manually invest on the marketplace. Moreover, it ensures that portfolio and risk diversification are performed based on provided criteria in a controlled environment, where the investor defines the appropriate, personalised risk tolerance and investment limits, ensuring transparency making the investor aware of the process.

The solution provides Investors with the option to define auto-bidding rules through a set of filters and preferences. By enabling this option users can automatically place bids on opportunities matching the specified investment profile. Investors may select to invest in different types of loans, different segments (e.g. business loans, retail, property and other), setup their risk and exposure limits per loan, currency and many other criteria.

The provided functionality, combined with the existing online Marketplace Lending functionality provides Investors with a complete investment environment to both manually select prospects to fund and instruct the platform to do so on their behalf. Utilising’s banking functionality all transactions are fully monitored and controlled by a powerful back office to deliver the necessary information and reporting to management and to ensure regulatory compliance.

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