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eNewsletter Autumn 2016

Fiduciam, one of the London-based clients, has been approved in summer 2016 by BondMason, as a specialist secured property and SME lender. BondMason acts as the intermediary, steering and automating investments for its clients and offering an easy way to automatically invest and diversify. This was recently evaluated at (read the full article here).

As stated in the BondMason website, the team behind Fiduciam is made up of experienced investors, with an impressive track-record of lending over many years, not only on property, but also other asset-classes. They have a good understanding of credit and strong alignment with investors, as they invest their own money alongside their investor clients. According to BondMason, lending through Fiduciam is another point of differentiation since its efficient and straightforward lending process enables retail clients to access returns not readily available as the minimum investment threshold for Fiduciam is £250,000. Unlike many other platforms, Fiduciam does not accept any direct retail investors as it is entirely focused on institutional investors, such as fund managers, family offices and pension funds.

Fiduciam was set up in late 2014 and offers three types of secured loans to: (i) standard rental loans (up to three years) to landlords who wish to extend their real estate portfolio; (ii) business bridge loans (up to three years) for entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises to provide, where a business can obtain a loan for business purposes secured against property or other business assets; (iii) permitted development loans for up to two years to finance the purchase of development property, secured against this property, which is intended for refurbishment, light redevelopment or conversion.

Fiduciam, as a fast-growing London-based alternative lender, selected banking software suite, to effectively implement an advanced loan trading platform. A key success factor for Fiduciam has been its continuous focus on new technology in order to make credit and investments more flexible, accessible and efficient through an advanced omni-channel experience for the users.

The banking platform is continuously being enhanced to deliver advanced lending and core banking capabilities for the needs of challenger banks, alternative finance and FinTech institutions. Click on the link below to find out more on how competitively provides a solution for modern banking and forward-thinking lending organisations.

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