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Marketplace Lending, Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Lending have evolved tremendously over the past decade when the first crowdfunding business was launched. The past year brought the ‘disruptive’ collaboration trend of crowdfunding platforms with banks and insurance firms. Recently published on 'banking exchange' “Marketplace lenders enjoyed explosive loan growth in 2015, …, with more joint ventures expected in 2016.”

This ‘disruptive’ business model is strengthened by the continuous announcements in the industry for partnerships between established Crowdfunding platforms and alternative banking organisations. It is also expected that other financial services companies will nourish the ground of this profitable market like the wealth management industry.

Banks operate in a strict regulatory environment facing multiple additional challenges such as negative interest rates. Therefore, the alternative finance options available to consumers, investors and businesses are expected to become the preferred options for a wide range of tech savvy users as well as traditional players looking for increased profits. The rise of crowdfunding in Western Europe and the US is expanding to the Middle East as well as Africa and Asia. The opportunity is to create the right alliances between P2P Lending platforms and traditional financial services schemes to boost the available options for businesses and consumers.

Profile Software’s P2P Lending platform offers complete coverage of the current and future crowdfunding requirements and can automate the online process as well as notify via the compliance tools of any other tasks that are need to be performed.

Unlike others, Profile’s P2P platform takes full advantage of the existing banking and investment platforms’ functionalities, thus providing the required flexibility, effectiveness and easiness to both the banks and crowdfunding platform to implement their business models. Regardless of how complex their operations might be, the platform’s entity and modular based structure offers the desired freedom of operation. Moreover the platform is robust enough to safeguard the business on current and future requirements.

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