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Despite the general geopolitical economic environment, the Group has continued its rapid growth, at home and abroad, presenting new technology solutions and significant upgrades of the existing ones, leading to the undertaking of new projects and customer loyalty.

On a financial level, Profile Group has reported a significant increase in revenue and after-tax profitability during the first half of 2022, by 33% amounted to € 10.2 million compared to € 7.7 million in the corresponding period of 2021, while Profits after Tax increased by 55% to € 1.04 million from € 0.67 million.

On an operational level, the Profile Group has presented a dynamic course by signing new agreements with 24 organisations in 12 countries, while at the same time, it received new international awards for its solutions established analysts and publishers.

Several projects for the Greek Public Sector are being implemented, such as the Ministry of Justice, the Army Pension Fund, while a number of new projects have been contracted, such as the portal of the Economic Chamber of Greece, the portal of the new Social Security Fund TEKA for the Ministry of Labour, the Integrated Portal for AADE (Independent Public Revenue Authority), the Integrated Information System of the Renewable Energy Sources for the Ministry of Energy and the Digitisation of the Land Registry.

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