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Finuevo coreeNewsletter Spring 2022

Finuevo Core delivers an advanced native web, state-of-the-art, cross-device and OS functionality through a responsive layout, and offers a uniform look and feel across all devices.

Through straightforward and intuitive navigation within a modern interface, users have instant access to information and actions. Due to high levels of process automation and streamlining, users can perform more tasks in the same amount of time, interacting with the system as little as possible, thus increasing the day-to-day operational efficiency.

Developed to meet current and future market trends, Finuevo Core is the next generation banking platform, that can be used as the backbone to the bank’s operations offering a unified approach and easy integration through its API layer with any 3rd party system. As a part of the Finuevo Suite it can seamlessly integrate with Finuevo Digital, Profile’s new digital banking platform, delivering front-to-back, cloud and SaaS-enabled, end-to-end banking experience, holistically supporting banks and financial organisations (e.g. EMIs, MFIs, Digital Lenders) that want to advance their digital transformation and offered services.

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