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Headless ArchitectureeNewsletter Autumn 2021

Headless architecture, a natural evolution of digital transformation technologies, is a fairly new architecture style that is gradually being adopted in most of the new technology-driven companies that are focused on various use cases of mobile banking, digital banking, electronic payments and third-party integration etc.

In simple terms, a headless architecture contains the functionalities, rules and processing flow required to create an application in a programmatic way, without using the normal web front-end technologies.

This is a pivotal moment for pure headless and hybrid headless providers as both have RESTful APIs. Lightweight APIs allow content stored on a back-end system to be delivered across multiple channels, and provide themes optimised for specific endpoints.

In a headless architecture, the content is the only data source on the presentation level. With a strong API, you don't have to push the content to a presentation level, you can get commands from the user directly from the headless application.

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