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eNewsletter Autumn 2021

Automation and Libor discontinuation remain hot topics in the banking sector, with many treasury professionals eager to automate more tasks ranging from financial planning, reporting, and strategy. CFOs continue to focus on financial analysis and forecasting with paperless office operations. Meanwhile, accounting, a key function in treasury, must provide reliable and unified data using a single source, whilst experiencing high levels of automation.

In need of intuitive treasury management systems:

As stated by M&T Bank, treasurers are demanding a superior experience. Technology is fundamental to achieve this goal. When selecting a cash management system, it needs to deliver an intuitive design so as to make it easy to navigate.

Furthermore, reporting is also important and needs to be available on an ad-hoc basis, automated or on schedule to deliver a real-time view of the activity and performance.

With an increase in volume and processing operations (e.g. due to discontinuation of Libor), the need for full straight-through processing (STP) and automation in data management has become mandatory. Treasury platforms need to offer much more in terms of user experience (UX) so as to elevate competitiveness in business operations.

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The new brochure of – our new real-time, cloud-native Treasury platform - is now available to download! has been released offering STP capabilities with advanced UX and automation to the benefit of the modern Treasurer, globally.


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