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eNewsletter Spring 2021

Our most precious asset is our people! Over the past quarter, Profile initiated and participated in several activities that highlighted its Starforce commitment, well-being and profound knowledge.

From the warm welcoming of our new colleagues, providing all the necessary tools to excel at their new roles, to the innovative “Buddy Program” where the most experienced members of each team become a mentor to guide the new employees, thus supporting their onboarding process, Profile invests in the overall experience and commitment of its Starforce, so they can embrace the creative and innovative culture of the company. Giving the utmost attention to its people and customers, the company constantly supports and cultivates learning experiences, participating in virtual training courses, tech meetups and events, so that teams can enhance their knowledge on vital parts of the fast-paced technology, aiming at building ground-breaking and secure solutions for the demanding financial industry.

At Profile, empowering our employees is as important as developing our communities. We take CSR seriously and we are eager to help young students and professionals to plan their future steps through various initiatives such as the latest “Project Future program” that took place during May, organised by ReGeneration and Piraeus Bank, with Profile’s HR team participating once again. Profile also supports a range of NGOs that provide medical care, support to less privileged children, as well as contributing to education. We actively endorse recycling processes across our offices globally, to secure a better future for all on a greener planet.

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