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Artificial Intelligence in AxiaeNewsletter Autumn 2020

Axia’s new release incorporates advanced onboarding functionality and a powerful digital client portal to accommodate the increasing market needs in wealth, asset and fund management to enable competitive and faster communication remotely in the post-Covid era, while safely onboarding new clients via an automated process.

Axia, the omni-channel, investment management platform is continuously being enriched in functionality to competitively address market changes. Current times call for remote working, communication and networking so the ability for a new customer to join online without tedious processes, becomes a competitive need for the firms in the Investment Management industry. This is a trend that is expected to increase even more in the coming months with online digitally enhanced functionality for client portal access as well as automated onboarding.

The new release supports full automated steps for the prospect so as to register, experience fast onboarding and get easy access to investment management services. The solution can be deployed as stand-alone or integrated to existing platforms offering a modern, digital tool to financial advisors, funds distributors, wealth managers and private banking relationship managers, which facilitates and accelerates the client / investor onboarding process without compromising regulatory compliance requirements or internal security and policies.

Profile Software continues its investment in developing pioneering solutions for the industry to help professionals and their clients better communicate and manage their portfolios in challenging times. Axia has been recently selected by a number of investment management firms in several countries such as Russia, the UK, the UAE, Cyprus, etc.

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