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IR NewseNewsletter Spring 2020

With a 14% rise in annual revenue for 2019, a significant increase in the stock price for the same period, noteworthy investments by Greek and Foreign Institutional Investors, as a result of its growing presence in 40 countries and equally dynamic growth in personnel,  Profile continues smoothly its operations during the current fiscal year and keeps investing in new products and market expansion.

At the same time, due to the Covid-19 outbreak as well as the new market demands, the Group is adjusting the way its workforce operates and is adapting to the situation as it evolves, trusting that its strong financials and large client base will allow for successful sustainability given the current climate thus foreseeing maximum returns for the day after.

The Group’s R&D program is enriched with new technologies and talented human capital, aimed to deliver superior solutions that streamline operations and meet evolving industry requirements.

During the last quarter, the Group's stock value demonstrated a steady growth due to solid financials and a strategic vision that can adjust to challenges that demand flexibility and agility.

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