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TreasuryeNewsletter Autumn 2018

Orient Bank is implementing Acumennet, a complete web-based Treasury Management platform that caters for front-to-back and risk management needs to efficiently manage their Treasury operations. Following an international vendor assessment, the bank selected Acumennet due to its real-time, automated and powerful capabilities for reporting and STP (Straight Through Processing). In particular, Acumennet as a front-middle office and risk management solution will enable them to efficiently manage all pertinent functions in the most advanced manner. The solution allows for STP handling of treasury transactions imported in real-time from various platforms including their existing Core banking.

By being a truly flexible treasury management solution, Acumennet empowers the bank to monitor all Treasury related elements ranging from positions to accrual calculation. It manages the full process of customer bond orders and execution on the primary market while checking limits in real time with automatic generation of SWIFT confirmations.

The solution also supports risk management functions for counterparty risk, market risk and offers a comprehensive approach to handling risk related issues so as to safeguard the bank’s operations.

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