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online banking customer experienceeNewsletter Summer 2018

Digital evolution and modern technologies, such as mobile devices, have enormously changed people’s banking habits, shifting from traditional ATM transactions to online/mobile banking. 21st-century customers demand personalised omni-channel experience, preferring to digitally interact with their bank “on the go”. Banks can benefit from this new trend and improve their services as long as they think mobile-first and search for innovation by developing new business strategies with tech tools.

The recent UK Finance report The Way We Bank Now 2018,  supported by EY, reveals that “The popularity of online banking has grown enormously over the last two decades, while personal financial management tools have become a trendy feature of many banks’ online services recently. For millions of people in the UK their mobile phone has become the bank branch in their pocket”. According to this report, the use of banking applications in the UK has increased by 12% between 2016 and 2017 with most of the people using mobile banking apps additionally to online banking via a web browser, since these are more convenient for them and fully meet their needs at any place and at any time.

Furthermore, as modern consumers have a perception on modern banking they expect 24/7/365 availability, while at the same time to be easy to use, fast and secure. These are considered a must for banks to meet this market’s needs, thus a flexible digital baking client service needs to be incorporated in the services provided. Banking organisations recognise that customers require a multi-channel experience so as to make any kind of transactions, around the world.

Digital omni-channel solutions can be an advantage to the services delivered by banks, as they offer their customers alternatives on how to manage their money and create a compelling tailor-made experience. Modern tools enable banks to offer a wider range of new more high-tech services, helping interaction at any time. As a result, digital landscape opens a sphere of new possibilities for the banking organisations to successfully meet their clustomers’ personal demands, grow their business and thus gain a competitive advantage.

Profile’s Digital Banking solution is a top industry front-to-back system on a single, platform that delivers unique, agile and personalised digital banking experience to both banks and their clients, on a modern user-friendly environment. The solution provides a comprehensive, intelligent and fully integrated offering that combines rich and advanced banking functionalities. Utilising advanced tools it ensures automation, operational efficiency, increased performance, great transparency and superior customer service, empowering each bank to deploy the required functions in the most controlled, risk-free and cost effective manner.

> Watch how one of our customer, Ditto Bank, is achieving high automation via Profile’s Digital Banking Solution here.

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