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Profile Software eNewsletter Spring 2013

Why is Mobile Wealth Management the new "must-have"?

A few years back, only 20% of the large investment firms had mobile applications for their clients.  However, recent studies indicate that by 2015, almost 1 billion people will be using mobile devices to perform financial or investment transactions. This is the result of more demanding work patterns, as well as technological advancements. In the capital markets industry, the need of investors to be able to watch the stock market on their mobiles was the first step. Later, this evolved to obtaining full access to portfolios. As the customer base expanded with younger people joining in, an even bigger incentive was created for wealth managers to increasingly offer mobile services. These would include providing instant access to portfolios from anywhere, at anytime. Coupled with their ability to provide an even more personalized customer service, mobile devices became an invaluable tool for the modern investment professional (whether a financial advisor or a wealth manager) in providing the tailored services needed.

Research suggests that investment firms using mobile tools for wealth management enjoy a leading position and are using client feedback to continuously improve their services. The market is expected to grow exponentially and those firms that will adapt to new technologies will manage to offer more competitive services to their clients and also improve their own operational efficiency and profitability.

Customers (investors) always appreciate receiving a truly personalized service via accessing their portfolios, effortlessly monitoring their investments and, most importantly, instantly interacting with their portfolio manager when needed. The investment firm that will be able to provide this type of personalized service over mobile devices, will be able to increase customer satisfaction, profitability and, ultimately, their competitive advantage. Modern technology platforms have the capacity to free time up for wealth managers and allow them to focus on offering unique, customized services to their HNW clientele.  IMSplus Mobility, Profile Software’s latest addition to its leading investment management platform, offers the wealth management industry just that; the ability to focus on best servicing its clients while increasing its operational efficiency.

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How flexible are insurance firms in managing their assets?

Continuous market and regulatory changes in the insurance services sector lead firms to redesign their investment management policies, by adopting professional tools to effectively manage their assets. Profile Software’s Investment Management platform, IMSplus, provides asset managers and investment officers of the Insurance Industry with the functionality coverage and the operational flexibility to do just that, while also closely monitoring any externally managed assets. With IMSplus, industry professionals can successfully:

IMSplus’ flexible financial reporting services, coupled with its built-in Compliance engine, can significantly help Insurance Companies respond to such regulatory or internal changing requirements.

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Islamic Banking on the rise? 

Recent reports from international financial companies and reputable media clearly show that Europe and Asia witness an increase in Islamic finance and banking requests. Islamic Banks operating mainly in the MENA region provide a wealth of Shari'a compliant financial services, primarily focusing on deposits and related products. This is expected to change in the coming years, especially since these Islamic Banks face an increase in demand internationally, with North Western Europe, Central and Southeast Asia holding the leading positions. For example, in Russia there is a 15% of Muslim population providing significant opportunities for Islamic finance. Similar is the case in Asian countries that offer a natural fit for Islamic finance, with a wealth of investment opportunities, as well.

As a result, a significant number of Banks expand their operations to cities such as London, Geneva, Singapore and many more, to accommodate their increasing Islamic clientele.

It is worth mentioning that although Islamic banks heavily invest in operational excellence, they need to further focus on increasing customer satisfaction while managing risk, particularly as among their key priorities for the years to come are:


1. Introducing new products
2. Enhancing their customer service
3. Providing ease to access tools
4. Increasing profitability while keeping cost low.


Such concerns can be easily addressed with the use of modern technology tools, something that Islamic banks know very well. Modern and flexible banking systems empower Islamic banks with the ability to introduce new products to their markets fast, to maintain and reduce their cost of ownership (by enjoying low maintenance costs), to remain independent from technology vendors and, most importantly, to ensure customer service excellence via personalized services.

Profile Software's FMS Islamic Banking solution enables banks to effortlessly provide the required services covering all Islamic banking operations (both in terms of compliance and customer engagement) regardless of their location.

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Profile Software commended with the “Business Innovation” award

Profile Software received the 2012 “Business Innovation” award from “Money” Magazine, readers’ choice rankings, for its distinguished business operations and products.

The award is an acknowledgement of Profile Software’s focus to R&D. Specialising in developing innovative investment management and banking platforms for over 20 years, the company has an expanding presence in 17 countries across the regions of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Profile Software is committed to providing state-of-the-art financial products and software solutions that meet and exceed clients’ expectations in achieving business efficiency and customer service excellence.

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Profile Software presents to Swiss Private Banks and IAMs

Profile Software, following the establishment of its Swiss-based subsidiary “Profile Software (Suisse) S.A.”, hosted in Geneva a cocktail reception for Swiss Private Banks and Independent Asset Managers (IAMs). The event, "Reducing costs while increasing customer engagement for Swiss Private Banks and IAMs: Profile Software's win-win approach" was attended by numerous local firms which were introduced to Profile Software’s specific industry solutions.

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