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eNewsletter Spring 2018

Acumennet, being Login’s and Profile’s leading platform for comprehensive Treasury Management operations, is enriched with new competitive features, ranging from user-friendly web based front-end to cryptocurrency capabilities.

Some of these features include the spread matrices, dashboards allowing users to perform flexible and synthetic portfolio views; P&L reporting with user-defined regrouping and drill down as well as graphical analysis. Profitability calculation, to more than 15 levels and regrouping criteria, offers detailed and powerful reporting. Additionally, Acumennet accommodates real-time updates with position checking and alerts, as well as storage of Big Data without affecting the system’s response time.

Following trends and needs of today’s market, the solution provides risk management tools to monitor and prevent counterparty risk, market risk and to some extent, operational risk.

Additionally to the limit checking performed at pre-deal level, excess warnings are sent in real-time to risk managers, whenever a new transaction is breaching a limit or whenever global figures of a portfolio are reaching predefined limits. It is possible to track overdrafts at:

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