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 eNewsletter Winter 2018

Ditto Bank, the French digital bank, is launching its services and offering the freedom to use and exchange money anywhere in the world.  Ditto makes it easy to open current accounts in the currencies of choice, offering transparent pricing and subscription. It also provides a smart card allowing customers to make payments all over the world at no extra cost. The word “Ditto” comes from Latin, and means “the same”, that is to enable its clients to access any currency with the same ease. It is the French bank designed for frequent travelers. Ditto Bank is backed by the UAE exchange.

The bank uses as the Core Banking engine along with Acumennet the Treasury system by Login, a Profile Company, to automate their processes and experience the same degree of flexibility across worldwide operations offered to their clients. and Acumennet deliver tighter control and monitoring of all transactions, a quick and efficient access to all data and reporting for the Management while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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