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Profile Software Spring 2015 eNewsletter

The new cloud-based solution for Wealth Managers

Add “Axia” to your wealth management service offering

Understanding the market needs for a differentiated, competitive and value-added offering, Profile Software developed Axia, a comprehensive, flexible and secure Cloud-based investment management solution, accessible by both web and mobile users. Axia adds value to the front-to-back office operations of Wealth Managers ranging from IAMs/IFAs to Private Banks managing a network of IAMs/IFAs.  Alternatively, Axia may be used as a front-end tool for RMs and their clients.
Axia provides a rich set of functionalities and advanced features which include:

Apart from a stand-alone wealth management solution deployment, Axia can also be deployed as a front-end tool due to its responsive UI design in order to offer web and mobile capabilities while seamlessly integrating with the existing back-end system of the organisation. Axia has been developed with the modern Investment Professional in mind, providing these capabilities that add real value to their business and to their clients!  

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Mobius Wealth v2.1 | available with new advisory features

Calendar, Tasks, Secure Messaging, Dashboard, Portfolio Performance

Mobius Wealth, the vendor-independent mobile platform, is being enriched with new advisory & client-centric features allowing more flexibility for the Financial Advisor (FA) and Relationship Manager (RM) to improve his/her service offering.

Mobius Wealth’s new product enhancements  include new dashboard widgets for “Tasks”, “Calendar” and “Secure Messaging” for the FA/RM & his/her client, to name a few. These new widgets support the Financial Advisors objectives for more organized, professional and instant response to clients’ requests.

Version 2.1 offers more options such as a range of predefined themes in the app to personalise it. There is also a “Client Meeting Preparation” features which allows the FA/RM to organise a folder with all documents and files pertinent to the specific client meeting and thus be able to have them handy and ready to view, print or share before, during or after the meeting, saving substantial time and demonstrating a modern and professional way of advising.

Last but not least, the dashboard has a new instant “Portfolio Performance” view  where the FA/RM can select a time period and optionally, specific clients and portfolios, and produce a quick snapshot of all portfolios’ performance over time. “Portfolio Activity” is another addition that enables users to view all transactions performed over time, and within seconds help Managers be constantly up-to-date with their clients’ transactions.

These tools capitalise on the real essence of “on-the-go” management of portfolios, transactions, trading, market watch, document delivery, customer service, etc.  They enable FAs/RMs to truly offer a competitive service while benefiting from a comprehensive monitoring of their portfolios and clients.

Over the past few months Mobius Wealth has also been selected by a number of financial institutions in Europe and has been included in industry leading reports, reinforcing its strategy to offer innovative and competitive solutions.

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Branch office of a UK-based international bank

Profile Software’s went live at the local branch of an international bank headquartered in the UK. The bank selected the technologically advanced Banking platform to manage their data warehouse requirements and achieve regulatory compliance reporting customer activity to state authorities.

Leveraging its international recognition, Profile Software’s was selected to replace the Core Banking system that served as an archiving system, due to its flexibility, user-friendliness, seamless integration to the Bank’s environment and the evident value for money provided. Alongside acting as the archiving system, serving enquiries to the users, integrated with the Bank’s productive systems to handle real time enquiries by the state authorities on customer activity, effectively combining information from different environments.

The robust architecture of provided a smooth integration to the Bank’s environment, while its modular and technologically upgraded platform ensured a cost-effective implementation in terms of hardware and software requirements.

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IMSplus v2.2 | new version including rich functionality for RMs

CRM, Dashboard, Performance, Advisory tools

True to its business objectives and development plan, Profile Software is pleased to announce the new release of its flagship product for comprehensive Investment Management – IMSplus 2.2! In the latest upgrade of the solution, users can experience an advanced set of tools for complete Investment Management, to ease the workload and automate activities.

Among the new features that have been enhanced are:

In addition, more functionality is available for private equity, real estate and accounting transactions whilst the reporting capabilities have been significantly enhanced to meet diverse requirements of country specific needs.

Further to the above, it is worth mentioning that IMSplus has been selected by a number of Family offices and Wealth Management Firms in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Greece due to its flexible market approach. IMSplus provides those organisations with comprehensive monitoring of their internally and externally managed assets via a uniquely configurable mechanism for consolidated reporting and streamlined automation of their investment management operations.

Read More for Microfinance and Islamic Financing, the universal banking platform, provides a modular approach to meet the diverse needs of banks and financial institutions across the globe. As the sector and regulatory requirements may differ or change from country to country, the platform provides the flexibility, modularity and robustness to cater for the specific requirements in each region.

The solution effectively enables crowdfunding platforms to manage their entire operations utilising the unique capabilities of a single and integrated platform that combines end-to-end investment management and banking functionality. It is the only solution that allows for primary, secondary market, risk based pricing and reliable credit scoring to safeguard the operations of an alternative finance platform. also allows for a modular implementation approach,  selecting the functionality needed at an early stage while adding new one as the business grows.

Furthermore, can accommodate Micro-financing and Micro-lending in order to  support the loan processing operations of an  alternative financing organization.

As a truly international platform, also incorporates an Islamic Financing solution, which can either be utilised by Islamic institutions (in the Middle East or other regions they operate in), or it can be adjusted to meet the needs of ethical & green financing across the globe. by Profile Software is the platform that allows international institutions to create new products and services fast, creating a cost sensitive business environment and reducing cost as well as required resources, while meeting market needs without having a legacy technology system dictating their operational efficiency.

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Plexus for Brokerage Houses & Stock Exchanges

Plexus is a front-end tool that has been developed to provide innovative functionality tailored to the user’s needs, offering a reliable real-time market data, trading and news monitoring service, linked to any data vendor.

Plexus can be configured to any 3rd-party or in-house real-time streaming source to display the required information. As such, the application can be used both by industry professionals delivering personalised services, and their clients, enhancing significantly the level of service provided and improving user experience. As a white label solution, it allows the organization to implement its own branding guidelines.

It is available to download on the AppStore including real-time streaming of market data and news (local providers).

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Additional industry recognition for Profile Software

Profile Software yet again was nominated for the “Technology Provider of the Year” at the Magic Circle Awards 2015 - The Premier Awards for the Financial Sector, as well as the “Best Wealth Management Software Provider Europe 2015” by the Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

Both Mobius Wealth and IMSplus Mobility have been included in “MyPrivateBanking Research” which reviewed top technology firms in the Wealth Management domain offering mobile related software. According to the researchers, Mobius differentiate in its “offering of comprehensive tools not only for relationship and wealth managers but for their clients, as well.” as being the only platform that integrates with any back-end system. The company was included amongst the 15 top software companies in the fields of mobile apps, digital communication, and analytical and social media solutions for financial advisors.

Furthermore, Profile Software joined the Wealth Management Association in the UK aiming at coming closer to the UK-based Wealth Management Firms’ needs with the support of the local association, providing the tools to meet their regional requirements!

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Addressing the challenges of the Swiss Financial market at a thought provoking event

Profile Software was privileged to hold its annual event on “Addressing the Challenges of the Swiss Financial Services Market” with the contribution of esteemed speakers from European Crowdfunding Network, Investiere, MyPrivateBanking research, AiM Services and Altenburger LTD legal +tax. During the event, interesting ideas about the collaboration of the crowdfunding and investment management domains were presented whilst all participants agreed on the promising future that such a collaboration could hold for the industry.

At the event Profile Software presented its solution for the crowdfunding industry, the wealth management domain and also gave a first market view of the cloud based investment management solution - Axia.

We thank everyone for attending!

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Strengthening our exposure in the MEA-APAC markets

Profile Software is expanding its presence in the Middle East, Africa and Asia with the staffing of the local firm in Dubai with an expert team of industry leading professionals to manage and expand the development of the company’s operations, while new partners are joining up our international partners network to locally support the provision of dedicated services to customers, across each region (i.e. recent successful partnership includes a Kenyan IT company that will represent our solutions)

Furthermore, Profile Software is actively supporting its operations in the area with its participation in specialised events as it was the recent sponsorship  of the 11th Middle East Insurance Forum held in Bahrain early February, where our team liaised with the professional delegates and presented the unique capabilities of the IMSplus Insurance Investment Management solution. Early April, Profile Software also exhibited in the 10th Middle East Retail Banking Forum presenting the new offerings in, as well as the capabilities ofIMSplus, Mobius and Axia, for the Middle Eastern market. Increased and significant was the interest created from our presentation on the seminar venue about crowdfunding and p2p in the region.

It is worth mentioning, that Profile Software’s solutions provide competitive functionality due to the focus on utilizing new technologies but also and most importantly because they cater for all the needs in Islamic-type Financial organisations, ranging from Islamic Banking or Funds Management to Islamic Financing.

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Events' calendar for the UK and Switzerland

Profile Software, supporting its international operations, new product offering, local offices and partnerships participates in specialised industry events for the financial services sector.

The company sponsored the WealthTech event organized by Compeer in the UK presenting its new offering for the wealth management industry that is based on cloud technology. Link to the organisers' page

Profile Software along with its local partner in Switzerland – AiM Services participate in the 17th JSB, taking place on the 7th of May in Geneva at Batiment de Force Motrices. We will also present at CDR1 - 12 noon our new solutions for the Swiss Financial Market. For more details and registration please follow the link here

In addition, Profile Software is partnering with ComPeer to perform an industry specific research for the Wealth Management sector, the findings of which may be presented during their annual event on the 24th of June in London. Link to the organisers' page

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