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The Ministry of Justice wanted to improve and modernise its modus operandi. For this, they conducted a public bid for implementing an electronic system to capture, store and distribute court recordings and transcripts, while providing easy, fast and secure access both to court personnel as well as to attorneys, citizens and other interested parties. 

The project included the digital recording, storage and distribution of court proceedings forming an association with the Public Sector.

Stage 1: Includes the creation of a central repository of court recordings. The provision and implementation of the respective software and hardware for courts in Greece (236 Courts and 617 Courtrooms). Sound systems are also part of the project. The implementation of a complete software for court proceedings to be available at a local and central level as well as the creation of a central access portal.

Stage 2: Includes the provision of respective supporting services for a period of 5 years. This entails the central management and operational support of the system and all hardware. The service provision of transcripts and recording of the court proceedings. The submission of files to the Central Repository of Court Recordings. The workflow creation for the approval process of the court recordings by the Court Secretaries and Judges. Making these recording available in electronic format through the web portal to the relevant parties (Lawyers/Attorneys, Judges, Secretaries even public if permitted).

 Another project with the Ministry of Justice includes Epanodos. This is a project for the provision of electronic services made available to ex-prisoners to rehabilitate into the society. This involves the creation of a comprehensive technologically advanced platform to provide education and become a learning platform for prisoners and ex-prisoners 

These are of paramount importance to the Ministry of Justice since their successful deployment has increased the efficiency of the operations. 

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